Nolan Sisters In the Mood Again Half Way through

Here we are about half way through the Nolan Sisters in the mood again tour, and what a journey it’s been, having opened in Nottingham Royal Center’s Concert hall, spent two days doing the DVD shoot at Manchester Apollo, didn’t know how to deal with the space at Cardiff CIA, couldn’t fit anything into the Wolverhampton Civic.  Put Monitor world in the store room stage left, steve mixed through the open door of Cambridge Corn Exchange. Luckily didn’t let anything roll of the rake at Blackpool Opera House, really couldn’t fit anything into Bradford St Georges Hall so much so we put monitor world in the back stage corridor, it would have been the truck but we didn’t have long enough RF cables. Met the guys pre-rigging the subsequently canceled Elton John show at the Nottingham Metro Arena. After by far the best audience so far at Liverpool Echo it’s good to be up on stage at a safe distance from all those women here at Glasgow Clyde.  The audiences have been so great today we are working out a second encore!

This really is a great entertaining show, roll on the second tour, Japan anybody?

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  1. Elton John has provided so much entertainment over the years…he is truly an icon and I love him!

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