Ghost Stories at the Duke of Yorks

So assisting Nick Manning in his next West End Adventure putting Ghost Stories originally performed at the Lyric into the Duke of Yorks theatre.  It was to be a full on installation, of what I think might have been the highest number of EM Acoustics loud speakers in any location outside of their factory  all supplied by Phil Hurley at Stage Sound Services.  On top of what you could call the ‘regular’ proscenium, stage and delay speakers there was a full surround installation.  On top of all this the auditorium was dressed up like a building site/ derelict building this dressing was continued along the front of house corridors where we installed yet more EM-61’s EM-121’s and festoons of maplin drivers all this with trying to do as little amount of damage to the theatre as possible..  Thankfully there is a substantial amount of installed infrastructure in Duke of Yorks theatre from when the Royal Court Theatre were based there some years ago.  With out this it would have made things substantially more difficult.  My thanks to PJ and Alex for helping me   make it all work.  Best of luck with the team on the show, I hear it has had its run extended again.  Oh and the get out will be a good three to four day experience.

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