Katherine Jenkins UK Believe Tour

Now I’ve not previously been a big fan of the opera it’s never done anything to excite me but this show Kathrine Jenkins Show is Brilliant! Kathiene is such a talant and the band are fantastic, but what do you expect from such a group of pro’s.  I’m here looking after PlayBack, Keyboards and Wireless Comms and Motorolas.

This the first project Production Audio Solutions has supplied hardware for the Playback system comprises of two Mackie SDR’s with the control coming from G-type, along with the tried and tested green button on the MD’s keyboard.  For the production period I had the use of Mr Ali Viles ProTools HD Accel system to run the Logic and ProTools session from, there were a lot of changes happening all the time constantly adding or moving bits around the place it was great not to be waiting for the old progress bar for a change.  I think at one point I had the band rehearsing off the Mackie’s editing some overdubs on the ProTools system and making some sound effects on my laptop, it was great to be so busy I got such a kick out of it all.  One thing to remember though, you can’t play stereo interleaved files out of Digidesign hardware, so it’s less than ideal for Logic.

As mentioned in addition to my previous responsibilitys on similar tours Production Audio Solutions supplied the motorolas for back to back comunication during the day and tied into the comms on a half duplex channel for the show.  To compliment this there are 4 sets of Riedel’s Actobat digital full duplex dual channel wireless comms for the stage carpenters again this was all linked togerther and tied to the PRG provided ClearCom system.  Every one is able to talk to whom ever the need when ever the want, brilliant.  I’ve had really great feed back from the team regarding the equipment Producion Audio Soloutions have provided so I hope we will be doing the same again soon.

The team on this have been really great, it’s a few faces from old and a few new ones, we’ve been really lucky as we’ve been two shows on and one show off repeated for three weeks, so we’ve had some good R&R between shows.  The tour has only been on the road 3 weeks it’s been a bit shorter than average, but who know hopefully it will rear its head again soon.

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