October Already

So it’s mid October nearly where did the last six months go?

After completing the Katherine Jenkins tour I was off to LIPA for what has now become my annual appearance with the final year Advanced Live Sound Module, where I discus various methods of show control and the current range of digital multicore systems.  It was only a brief two day trip this year but it was long enough for me to catch up with some old friends over a curry.

Grumpy Old Women – West End

Next stop was another project for Stage Sound Services, Grumpy Old Women 2 transferring into the Novello West End, Sound Design by Nick Manning. A fairly straight forward fit-up thanks to it having been on tour.

Christophe Willem – Coffee Tour

Now was time for a well earned holiday with the in-laws at their place in France best part of a nice two week break, apart from having to fly on Ryian air.  It is such a crime that they have managed to price proper carriers out of the market on a lot of routes.  So it was towards the end of this break that I got an email from a rather flustered Miss Sarah deCourcy along with Steve Anderson on the Christophe Willem Coffee Tour, in short things not going quite as they should I was asked to come in as Keys and Play Back tech starting as soon as possible.  So Volcanic Ash cloud letting us through we returned to the UK and I headed straight back out to France.

I arrived in Montpellier and discovered the reasons for the short comings.  See Separate post.

Production Audio Solutions

One of the main reasons for my absence of blog posts has been the amount of time I have devoted of late to getting Production Audio Solutions up and running a joint venture between Alex Bryson and my self.

I’ve also done other posts on Ghost Stories at the Duke of YorksCarmen at the O2, BBC Question Time at Dance East

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